Founded in 1989, Chan Wen Copper Industry Co., Ltd. engaged in the production of copper bar in the very inception of its founding. The company has started to engage in the production of free-cutting brass bar, wrought brass bar, profile brass bar and free-cutting brass wire since 1994 when introducing continuous die drawing machinery from Germany and Japan, and the practice of continuous operation by the company is rigorously controlled from drawing, straightening and polishing process to the completion of finished product, thus sufficiently supplying the domestic demands of downstream processing industries in production of metals of valve, casting and forging processing, and CNC lathe. With the introduction of lead-free brass bar and lead-free brass wire meeting the EU standards in production line in 2000, Chan Wen expanded its trading business in producing high-class copper required by sanitary ware and material required by drinking fountain and was further awarded the ISO certification in 2002.

In 2004, the new factory of Chan Wen located in Chang Hua Coastal Industrial Park was inaugurated, and the company set up a series of the state-or-the-art automated machineries including indirect intruder, horizontal and continuous casting unit, low-temperature annealer, ultra induction fumace, cold die drawing unit and straightening machine in 2004, leading the monthly productive capacity of brass bar and brass to a soaring high yield in a minimum 1,000 tons. To pursue a hign-growth business development and multiple production line, moreover, Chan Wen has started to engage in the production of quality copper wire in 2005 by supplying the domestic demand in precision parts required by electronic, machinery and special industries.


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